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Editorial Policies

Peer Review Process

Each manuscript is first assessed by at least two of the editors on the editorial board, who make an initial appraisal of the article. If the article is judged suitable for De Zeventiende Eeuw, it is sent to one or two external referees for a double blind peer review process.

Based on the reviewers' report(s) the handling editor will recommend either rejection, minor or major revision, or acceptance without changes. Overall editorial responsibility rests with the editorial board as a whole.

Reviewers are asked to provide feedback according to the following criteria:

1.Relevance and Originality
- The article discusses a problem/theme that is relevant to the cultural history of the seventeenth century.
2.Problem Statement
- The problem upon which the article is based should be described properly.
- The line of reasoning should be consistent.
- The structure of the argument should be well-balanced.
4.Scholarly Content
- The article should be relevant to current research.
- The writer uses reliable sources in a proper manner.
- The writer uses a correct register.
- The article should be readable, also for non-adepts.
The article should be methodologically sound and accountable.

We work hard to make the process as fast and efficient as possible. Depending on the schedule of editorial meetings and the availability of readers, the review period typically takes eight to ten weeks.

Section Policies

Artikelen - Articles

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Discussiedossier - Forum

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Recensies - Book reviews

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Signalementen - Book notices

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